Commercial Disinfection

Sanitance offers a range of disinfection services ideal for all types of commercial buildings; from hospitals to restaurants and retail to education facilities to offices.

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Commercial Sanitization Services in Toronto / GTA

Stop Viruses in their Tracks with Sanitance Disinfection Services

SANITANCE offers complete facility sanitizing for all commercial facilities, including restaurants, retail centers / stores, schools, retirement homes, medical facilities, office buildings, and more. We customize our services to meet your specific space and building facility needs. Ask us about weekly, bi-weekly, monthly site sanitizing and full hygiene audit service visits.

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Commercial Disinfection Services

Facility Sanitizing

Now and more than ever before it’s vitally important that commercial buildings are kept clean and hygienic. While daily cleaning should be a given for every business, specialized disinfection services are needed to kill harmful bacteria that live on surfaces and equipment.

High-touch Surfaces

Ensuring that high-touch surfaces are routinely and effectively clean can help reduce the spread of infectious diseases such as Cold, Flu, and Coronaviruses. Bathrooms, furniture, door handles, buttons, and dispensers are all examples of high touch surfaces and should be disinfected on a consistent basis.

Disinfection Fogging

Improve your indoor air quality immediately and kill viruses, bacteria, mold by using our ULV and Dry fogging services.

Commonly Asked Questions

If you intend on eating food at your desk, it is required to wipe down the area with fresh, clean water after treatment to remove any leftover residue.

Electronics have shown to be undamaged by our treatments, however if you have sensitive or proprietary electronics which are not easily replaceable, we recommend removal from the treatment area.

The facility will be disinfected from the moment we service, but if a virus or bacteria enters after our service, it may survive on the surface. This is why we advise a regularly scheduled treatment to keep your business germ-free. We currently offer bi-weekly, monthly, and one time disinfection plans.

Sanitance offers one-time services, but we highly recommend setting this service up on a pre-determinded schedule. However should your facility be re-exposed to a virus, you may be at risk.

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