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If you own a commercial business, you will need someone to effectively clean and service your commercial / restaurant kitchen hood. In Toronto / GTA, Sanitance is the preferred professional commercial hood cleaning service commercial restaurants and kitchens.

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If you own a commercial business or restaurant, you will need someone to effectively clean, service and maintain your commercial kitchen hood. In Ontario, Commercial Hood Cleaning & Maintenance is a necessity and you deserve to work with someone who specializes inĀ  commercial restaurant hood cleaning, maintenance and restaurant degreasing fire prevention.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning & Maintenance

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Hood Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Toronto | GTA | Barrie | Hamilton | Vaughan | Mississauga
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Toronto / GTA Commercial Restaurant kitchen Hood Cleaning and Maintenance

Commercial Hood Cleaning

We offer a complete revamp of your commercial or restaurant kitchen to ensure everything is up to code and that you are in full-compliance with regulations. Another major benefit to you is the piece of mind that you, your staff and your customers are safe from any potential harm by providing a through and professional inspection and maintenance action plan of your cooking systems. We will provide you a thorough insight into your commercial / restaurant cooking system to know potential problem areas and issues before they arise.

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Restaurant Kitchen Hood Maintenance & Exhaust Cleaning

One of the main criterias for operating a successful restaurant is a clean and safe commercial kitchen. This includes having a clean commercial kitchen hood and exhaust system operating at peak efficiency. We will inspect, clean and provide continuous maintenance of your commercial kitchen hood and exhaust so your restaurant can operate at its best. Time and time again, restaurant preventative routine maintenance has proven to be essential to protecting your business, equipment and facilites from damage.

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Kitchen Hood Degreasing Services in Toronto / GTA

Fire Prevention & Kitchen Hood Degreasing

Being that we specialize in commercial kitchen maintenance, we have seen first hand how busy a restaurant kitchen can be. It is very easy to overlook proper routine maintenance tasks such as kitchen hood degreasing. By keeping your commercial kitchen hood grease-free on an on-going basis, you can effectively reduce your restaurants risk for fire, damage and injury.

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