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By streamlining your maintenance & hygiene tasks into one custom, built-for-you monthly plan, your can effectively maintain your facilities systems and hygiene; helping your business operate at peak efficiency.

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Commercial Maintenance Services in Toronto / GTA

Our Method &

At Sanitance, we understand that every business and commercial space is unique in one way or another. Sanitance is proud to offer the most extensive maintenance plans in the industry with multiple options to ensure you find a plan that serves you best for your maintenance needs. 

We provide you with a tailored custom package that fits your facilities maintenance and equipment upkeep needs. In business, our obsession is in going above and beyond to make sure your commercial / Restaurant space and equipment function as expected, now and during the most crucial times. Our Motto and recipe for success, has been working with clients as if we are partners in the business.

We answer your call always and let you know that you can count on us and our team 24/7 for any emergency call. As a Sanitance client, we want you to know that you’re not alone, ever

Toronto facility maintenance services

Maintenance & Hygiene Services

Toronto / GTA Commercial Maintenance and Hygiene Company
commercial facility service Company toronto / GTA

Mechanical – Electrical Systems Maintenance

-Ongoing Preventative Maintenance Plans -Priority repair service scheduling -Emergency service calls -Facility inspection and reporting -On-Demand Service calls -Equipment Commissioning and decommissioning -Hood Cleaning / Filter Exchange Program
- Refrigeration Equipment Repairs - Electrical Repairs

commercial facility service Company toronto / GTA

Facility Hygiene Upkeep & Restoration

-Proactive hygiene maintenance plans -Washroom dispensers re-fill, and product -Deep Hygiene cleaning / disinfection
-Ware-washing equipment
-Grease Traps cleaning and maintenance
-Equipment restoration

Equipment and Building Systems Maintenance Plans

Monthly | Bi-Monthly | Semi-Annually | Annually

HVAC Systems and Inspections

• Parts Lubrication
• Replace Equipment filters and belts
• Inspect General Equipment Condition
• After Hour Emergency HVAC Service Calls
• Gas Line Connection, Gas Leak Detection & Repair
• Camera inspection: ventilation & Exhaust ducts
• Inspect coil conditions
• Inspect /adjustment of belts & pulley
• Inspect and test thermostats and controls
• Check dumper & motor
• Check for vibration & noise

Frequency: Every 3 months

Refrigeration & Cooling Systems

• Ice Machine Cleaning
• Inspection of all refrigeration equipment
• Leak tests and inspections of equipment
• Refrigeration Gas recharge and top ups
• Line freeze visual inspections
• Inspection of electrical connections
• Defrost heaters inspection
• Refrigeration drain lines inspections for
connection and clogging
• After Hour Emergency Refrigeration Service Calls


Frequency: Every 3 months

Electrical Systems

• Inspection of electrical panels, all breakers, and
disconnect main switches
• Inspection of all light fixture & bulbs, replace if
• Inspection and test of all switch and plugs &
• Test and Inspection of all Smoke Detectors and
batteries: replace batteries if required
• Inspection and test of emergency exit Lights
and battery packs
• Inspection and test of all exit signs
• Inspection and test of all automatic door
• Electrical Inspections and Troubleshooting
• Emergency Electrical Service Calls

• Inspection and test of all Carbon monoxide

Frequency: Every Six Months

Plumbing System

• Inspection of all automatic faucets and
plumbing fixtures proper operation and battery
life and low gauge power connections – Change
batteries when required
• Camera inspection of the main drain line to
assess any build up or blockage
• Inspection and test of all Shut-Off Valves
• Inspection of all auto-flushes and touch-less
plumbing fixtures
• Inspection of all accessible and visible pipes,
joints and connections for possible leaks
• Hot Water Tank and connections inspection,
and rust build up assessment.
• Faucets: Check interior and exterior for leaks
• Toilets: Check for stability & leaks
• After hour Emergency Plumbing Service Calls

Frequency: Every 3 Months

Commercial Kitchens & Cooking equipment Hygiene

• Inspect kitchen hoods, grease & residue buildup
•Inspect all exhaust, supply and return air grills
for dust, dirt, grease & residue buildup
• Check all commercial surfaces, including walls,
backsplash, FRCP’s, Floors
• All cooking equipment grease & residue buildup
check, including behind and underneath
Frequency: Every 6 Months

Facility Hygiene

• Check General Hygiene state of facility and
provide report
• Review virus and bacterial containment and
disinfection practice and provide report,
suggestions for improvement for top Hygiene
• Walking coolers & Walking freezers inspection
• Washrooms hygiene review
• Washroom dispensers inspection, including
electric hand dryers
• Washroom fixtures hygiene inspection,
including urinals, toilets
• Washroom graffiti inspection and removal
where possible
• Feminine hygiene disposal check and waste
• Sanitization and odor dispensers check & Refills
• Janitorial room inspection
• Hygiene supplies, chemicals and cleaning
product inventory check, and refill, top-up report
Frequency: Every 2 weeks

Commercial Kitchens & Cooking equipment Hygiene

• Degrease and Power washing of the commercial kitchen cooking equipment Complete with in location dry and polish

Grease Trap Cleaning

• Grease trap (Grease Interceptor) cleaning
Frequency: Once per month

Interior Maintenance & Upkeep

• Check Doors, windows, and all relate hardware
• Check door functions, alignments hinges,
• Lubricate hinges, tighten screws as needed
• Inspection of all washroom partitions, dividers
and hardware – Replace Hardware, tighten screws. Provide repair report if needed
• Inspection of Security Alarm sensors
• Check for any surface detrition & cracks
• Floor – Wall – ceiling repair inspection check
• Grout and Caulking inspection – Re-grout, re-caulk where needed
• Slipping & Hazzard check
• ADA and accessibility review
• Interior mandatory signage check and replacement as needed (power door signage,
accessibility signage, washroom signage, chemical warnings signage etc.)
• Inspect for separations at sinks and backsplash.
Provide Caulking where missing.

Frequency: Every 6 months

Exterior Maintenance & Upkeep

• Graffiti check throughout exterior, including
walls, doors, parking lot, patio, storefront, and
• ADA and accessibility review
• Check exterior doors, windows, and hardware
• Patios inspection
• Vandalism inspection and report
• Inspection of outside and roof top patios for
potential damages and required repairs report.
Check railings and handrails for any loose shaky
piece requiring reinforcement
• Check for possible damages to storefront
• Check for possible penetrations, animal and
insects entry.
• Check for air and water leakage potential spots
• Inspect store front for missing caulking, cracked

Frequency: Every 6 months

HOOD Cleaning – Hood Filter exchange Program

• Power washing of the commercial hoods, hood
box, skirts and filters – Complete with in location
dry and polish
• Filter X-Change program option – includes
removal and take away of existing hood filters –
Supply and installation of fresh washed and
polished hood filters
Frequency: Every 3 Months

Kitchen Floor Restoration

• De-Grease kitchen floor using Sanitance unique
disinfection cleaning products suggested specific
to each flooring finish, and using power surface
washing tools
Frequency: Every 6 months

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